Buy Cheap Dresses UK st Mary arboretum association is pleased to invite the public

Simple tips for environmentally conscious homeowners

The Buy Cheap Dresses UK st.Mary arboretum association is pleased to invite the public to its first 20122013 calendar event on saturday, august 11 in st.Until noon.Craig highfield, program manager for forestry for the bay, will share simple techniques useful for landowners in southern maryland who wish to be good environmental stewards of their properties.Some class time may be outdoors;Participants are encouraged to wear appropriate clothing and comfortable shoes.

Owners of even just a few acres can make a positive difference in their environment through planning and implementing simple stewardship practices.By enhancing wooded areas or creating natural areas on your dvhs lot, you can enjoy recreation, aesthetics, wildlife, and improved water quality.

Topics will include:

Forest ecology and woodland management dresses uk: principlesconverting lawn to natural areas

Invasive species control

Craig highfield will also address invasive species identification and control.Are you unsure of something in your yard that appears to be invasive, climbing or crawling everywhere?Bring a piece of it to the session and highfield will identify it for you.

The st.Mary arboretum association was founded in 2010 at st.Mary college of maryland.AsThe state public honors college, st.Mary is committed to exemplifying an honors commitment in Homecoming Dresses UK all that it does, be it in the classroom or in its grounds practices and management.The st.Mary arboretum association holds public education sessions relevant to its waterside home in st.Mary county, and this year overall theme is the forest the trees with a sustainable future in mind.All education sessions are free and open to the public.

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